This art describes how a person’s fear of the future, being stuck in an old memory or not gratefully live the moment can lead to being trapped in frames that he can’t be get out of.

Artist: Rakan

ABOUT THE ARTIST RAKAN : I move around a lot. I was born in Saudi Arabia. I went to university in Tokyo. I have been in Du-bai for the past three years. I picked up various aspects of their cultures in art, design, photog-raphy, and fashion. I was particularly drawn to digital abstract and graffiti art. Along the way I also became influenced by Japanese artists like Keiichi Tanaami and Yayoi Kusama and interna-tionally by Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. To me, I do not consider being an artist as a career. To me, it is a getaway and a language you can share with anyone regardless of their race, background, or religion. Art evokes feelings and reactions that everyone can experience. This is why I have always had a flexible idea of what purpose my art serves and how it is com-municated. I want to send a message through my art regardless of whether the medium is on a canvas displayed in a gallery, or on a piece of clothing or an object. Looking at my work, it is clear that I am trying to communicate a meaningful message. There are three frames - two of which represent the past and the future. The third contains a person, and it represents the present. The message I am trying to communicate is to not be trapped in memories of the past, fear the future’s unknowns, or shy away from trying new things in the present. I want my viewers to feel hopeful and understand that they need not be trapped in the past, present, or future because it may inhibit their growth. Through my piece, I use methods that ensure every person of every background and culture is able to understand my message. For example, when drawing a person, I use a smiley face that merely represents a feeling that everyone can relate to rather than drawing a person of a specific gender, colour, or religion. This mutual language of expression that allows you to communicate with anyone regardless of background is what I like most about being an artist.