It's about a man being consumed by yellow clay, his art breathes him in and consumes him. It's about indulging in your work to its full capacity.

Artist: NEEL

ABOUT THE ARTIST NEEL: I was born right into an animation studio in Baghdad. It’s like the world new that I will later have this intrinsic need to create. Everything inspires me, and so being in Dubai where the art world is still in its infancy, I feel lucky to be able to be a storyteller and a creator. This is why my work has become a stream of long narrative thoughts; an ongoing documentary, if you will. And while this is the case now, it has not always been so. I only started taking my career seriously at 16 after I won a red bull sponsored art competition. My dormant inner artist then awoke, a work till 4am attitude was adopted, and next thing you know, I was working with brands like Vogue Arabia, Adidas, American Rag, Dubai chamber, and Jaguar. Sheikh Mohammed even viewed a mural I made.