My name is Mariha Ijaz, I'm an artist and student. I was born and brought up in Dubai, but originally come from Pakistan. I have loved to create ever since I could remember whether it was for school projects or personal art pieces. Art is an escape for me and helps me detox my soul. Even though I love being creative it took a long time for me to refer to myself an artist and to believe that I am one.
My work aims to evoke certain emotions from the viewer and make them deeply think of what the piece represents to them and apply it to their lives. I make my work based on my personal life but hope people can relate the piece to theirs. I wouldn't want to limit the viewers imagination to my meaning of the artwork.
My biggest influence to create is people and nature, whatever I see and what I feel I create. It’s a cycle that runs in my mind. So basically, everything and everyone has an influence in my art.
At the current moment, I don't have a career in art but am working towards one through university.
I try and attend different gatherings where I can find out more about the art community in Dubai and how I can contribute to it. And that’s how I fortunately came across the Duette Gallery and Fuad.

I’m not following any specific world art trend right now, I try to give myself the widest and wildest imagination when I paint, and I feel like trends tend to put people in a box of what they should or shouldn't do.
I've been painting seriously for around 3 years with 2021 being the 4th. It’s odd to only think it’s been 3 years when it’s felt like forever.

The best thing about being an artist for me is being able to find art in everything and therefore being able to appreciate it.
Surprisingly, I wanted to be a doctor for a very long time and most of that was influenced by my dad. Once I grew up a bit and started thinking for myself, I was certain I wanted to be an artist and study in an arts field.

I love the process of bringing my fictional idea to life. To create something out of just my brain and give it a form in real life. As an anxious person, art is what calms me most. It’s what I love about being an artist.



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