It symbolizes the evergreen trees backdrop against a blue sky. It’s abstract expressionism art in a nontraditional way.

 Artist: Bilal

ABOUT THE ARTIST BILAL: Creativity and expression through art has been my first true language. I started painting as soon as I physically could and then threw myself at filmmaking and photography. I told my teachers already in the 4th grade about my artist ambitions. Despite their scepticism, my dream is now my reality. Today, I get to freely express myself and connect to people through my art. Most importantly, I get to serve a cause and ensure my art makes an im-pact. That is what being an artist means to me. Inspired by Keith Haring, Stanley Kubrick, and of course, my mother, through my work I learned to reflect spirituality on our reality and societal values. Emotional conflicts and cinematography inspire me to achieve my expression, while always keeping it original. Being in the Middle East means that I need to navigate through regional artworks that have been overshadowed by western mainstream art. I think everyone is an artist, because everyone has the ability to express themselves crea-tively. Like any other person, an artist needs to grow and develop. That is why, I always pursued photography, art projects, internships at studios. I then try to use all the new skills that I learn over time. That includes speaking with professionals in their respective fields so that I can find new opportunities to express myself.