We make mistakes and sometimes it is difficult to face them. In order to learn from your mistakes you must be honest with yourself.

Artist: Aly

ABOUT THE ARTIST ALY: I learned to use photoshop at the age of 12. I later got an associate degree in graphic design and am currently undergoing a degree in fine arts. My work helps me express myself in ways that words cannot. I try to express my personal experiences with authenticity, which is why I do not follow trends. Instead, I draw from pop culture, football, my heritage, and music. Having said that, of course certain artists continue to inspire me. I cannot help but be influenced by art-ists like John Yuyi, Abdullah Hindash, and Moshtari Hilal. After all, all artists are connected through their creativity. These connections between people and artists lead me to finding new opportunities. I seek out local art events in my city and university to make sure I meet as many people as possible.