'Reverie’ is the state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream.

Artist: Mariha

ABOUT THE ARTIST MARIHA: It took me a while before I could refer to myself as an artist - or to even believe that I am actu-ally an artist. I wanted to be a doctor for a very long time. But as I grew older, I knew in my heart that I wanted to be an artist and make that my career. Now, I couldn’t be more grateful for my choice. Art has given me the chance to bring my fictional ideas to real life. It has given me the chance to channel my anxiety and sooth my feelings. It is more than just a canvas to me. To my viewers, my work aims to evoke certain emotions and invites them to apply the art-work to their lives. While my art works are based on my personal life, I believe everyone can relate my work to their own lives too. I have only been painting for around three years, but it feels like longer. I am constantly trying to better myself by attending events where I can find out more about the art community in Du-bai and find ways to contribute to it. Instead of following any trends and restricting my style and path, I try to keep an open mind and a wide imagination. There is art in everything. I appreciate it all and I add to it.