This artwork showcases the highest point where dreams and hopes exist. On the other hand, it paints the sense of reality and uncertainty, where one needs to be in a certain way. Leaving us the choice.

Artist: Hamad

ABOUT THE ARTIST HAMAD: I am my unique self. I go through life telling how I feel through art and hoping that people can relate and be inspired to also be their true selves without fear. This is ever more important for artists in the gulf region. Unfortunately, there still exists a shameful stigma associated with being an artist here. What you find is that many incredibly talented artists only declare art as their hobby or part-time occupation, preferring to have a more “practical” job. Through my art I hope to inspire and uplift this region’s struggling artists.

Whenever I get confused or need to clear my head, I grab my headphones and just take a walk. I stare at the sky and admire the nature around me. I then find myself inspired. While most of the time, my inspiration does come as easily as looking at nature, I do put in personal effort in making connections with artists from all kinds of cultures to help me create authentic and real art works. By finding such inspirations and combining them with my artistic passion for photography, directing and creating content, I learned that art can be a way to be anyone and no one at the same time. There are no limits or rules on what I can create. I only need to be true myself and reflect that on the canvas. I was born to be an artist. It just took me a while to own up to that.