DUBAI: PAR is a new Dubai-based streetwear brand on a mission to provide UAE-based artists a platform to showcase their art on high-quality, sustainable fabrics. 


PAR has partnered with UAE-based artists to design an initial range of high-quality streetwear items, such as t-shirts and hoodies, all sourced from ethical and sustainable sources.  


What makes PAR different is that every artist that partners with the new brand are compensated for their collaboration for each sale, as well as ongoing promotion. This partnership approach is central to supporting Dubai-based creative talent and unleashing the full potential of home-grown culture in the UAE. 


You know that motor vehicles are a major cause of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. You probably also know that deforestation has resulted in an increased amount of harmful emissions.You might also be aware of the polluting gases caused by cows! But did you know that clothing production makes up 10% of human-caused carbon emissions, causes draughts,and pollutes rivers and oceans? While clothing is necessary, textile pollution and unsustainable production is not. Luckily, we live in a time where we are aware of the carbon footprint we leave behind, and it is not too late to change that. Here is why you should be making a move to more sustainable and eco-conscious choices like PAR:

Team Plant

1. You are on team planet

Endless amounts of chemicals, oil, and synthetic fibers go into producing clothes. Only 3% of these resources are recycled. Opting for recycled items saves natural resources, giving you a chance to be on team planet.Being on team planet also means that you opt for options that do not cause greenhouse emissions. Sustainably produced clothes stay clear from products made from fossil fuels or ones that are petroleum-based. Just as important is making sure your products are made from organic cotton and material.This reduces water consumption by 91% when compared to conventional cotton. Finally, using eco-friendly products means that our precious marine friends do not have to risk their health by absorbing chemicals present in harmful dye. To avoid that, make sure your garments have chemical content certifications.

Fair labour practices

2. You are supporting fair labour practices

Millions of children participate in some form of clothing production, i.e. modern-day slavery! To make sure that no child labour takes place, shop from sustainable brands. Sustainable brands work hard to ensure ethical practices are complied with. Not only are they transparent about their working conditions, but they also make sure that the manufacturers have been paid fairly and reasonably. If you are a humanitarian, as you should be, you might consider this one of the more convincing reasons to make a new shift in your consumer retail choices.

high quality products

3. You are purchasing high-quality and durable products

If you are thinking that organic cotton sounds more expensive, well you probably are right. While fast fashion does allow mainstream consumers to purchase trendy clothes at a more affordable price, the inferior quality of the products means that many of the products will soon have to be put in the dump. Shopping sustainably can also mean that costs are saved. The high-quality and durable nature of your products means that they last much longer, needing far less shopping trips. It also means that the money you use is helping labourers and the planet above all else. That being said, you should shop safe and smart.

Human inspire

4. You are educating

Humans inspire other humans. When people see you looking gorgeous in eco-friendly garments, they soon will follow the trend. While one person alone cannot make a significant change, a societal trend surely can. So be a leader and an educator by shopping sustainable.

At PAR, we are committed to working towards a sustainable future. Being privy to the benefits sustainable clothing brings with it, you cannot and should not go back. PAR is here to support your eco-friendly aspirations, and make sure you look good doing it too!