Planting Trees Project


For every item sold, we plant a tree in deforested countries and also generate days of decent employment for the local villagers of the areas  affected by deforestation.

   Why is so important to fight against deforestation?

    Deforestation is on the main cause of climate change, as it reduces  the quantity of oxygen produced by forests and thousands of animals lose their home, at the same time it aggravates poverty on villages that rely on agriculture.

       Where are we planting trees?

      In Haiti, Nepal, Madagascar, Indonesia and Kenya. All these countries are seriously affected by the consequences of climate change and suffer poverty.

         Who are we collaborating with for this project?

        We are partners of Eden Reforestation Projects, an organization whose objective is to restore healthy forests and to reduce extreme poverty in the areas affected by deforestation. You can find more about the organization here.